by Mrs. Bundy

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released May 1, 2016

Recording, Mixing and Mastering done by Greg Hinck of Chop Harder Studios

Album Artwork by Anthony Fusco of Sigma Collective
- www.sigmacollective.com

Logo Artwork credit: Eric M Pomerantz
- www.facebook.com/ericmatthewt...

Very special thanks to Rhonda and Tyler! You guys made sure that this album was left no choice, but to happen. Big shout out to all the close friends and family to the memners! We love you all!



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Mrs. Bundy Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Pull
You might want to get on your feet! This place is dangerous, there's not a moment for sleep.
Trampled under stumbles of the clumsy. Came out for a good time now the night's disconcerting.
You might want to get on your feet and move!
Move out into the open, where the smoke and the bright lights can't close in.
But you won't make it very far. You've been here too long, you've been bit too hard.
And then the hounds show their teeth. To think of running is to admint defeat.
Over your shoulder a light in a shroud
One step closer, one more breath in the cloud
An inner conflict is ringing outloud
A will to muster, from undrer the ground
The welcom burn and the sting of the air. You'll find the next day you're no worse for the wear
Acceptance will bring you to the clear. Surrounded by sounds of everything you hold dear
And the idea, of a night full of mistakes, will help keep your mind off the fact that right now the whole room is starting to spin and shake
By morning, you're struck by the sun
It lights up the room to show you all that you've done
What the fuck have I done?
Track Name: Repel
It's no use
We'll all leave here
At the time of Earth's choosing
We're no match for a conflagration, and it's time for a cleansing
You have no where to go. At any moment everything will be thrown into the silence. It'll take back it's home
We're bleeding it dry. Mark up the face to determine who gets to suck out it's life.
Epitomizing parasite
We're gonna learn to fly

The ground beneath is patient.
Bearing down on all provocation
But a monster inside is growing
All that is known and all that is around you will be equalized by the air
Call it your home but you've worn out your welcome
Now it's time to leave and go back where you came from

Moving towards the sky
We're gonna learn to fly
Track Name: Rotate
The time has come, to recognize change
Everything you know is measured in waves
Existence, extrapolation
We believe in time on the simple count of rotation

It's time to know just where you stand
Microbial importance, within this infinite span
Relevant life-form, irrelevant life
To feel a purpose is to live in a lie

Distance, or a lack of persistence?
Distance, or a lack of perception?
With cloudy minds, you think you can see
But you won't know where to flee when the Earth stops breathing

On a ride through a cosmic canal
There's nothing to stop if there's nothing around
The truth will remain unkown
There's nothing to stop if there's nothing around

On the other side of the glass
The only importance is something you won't see passed
Unless you open yourself
To the engulfing

Can you feel it? Tell me what it's like
You can't explain an eclipse of the mind
But by the end, the poles will have shifted
And the static will clear to show it's all self-inflicted
Breath it all in
There's nothing to lose, there's nothing to win
I see the colors, they seep through the surface
Now, with a full perspective, take a moment. Dig deep.
Define the meaning of purpose
Track Name: Lance
The closer to hell, the hotter it gets
I reckon we're near the mouth of the pit

Take a look in my eyes
Witness where my spirit lies
Deeper than the belly of the south
Eternal youth within eternal drought

Let go of that urge to pray
You won't feel a thing from the price that you pay
'Cause no one up there hears a word we say
You won't feel a thing from the price that you pay

When face with a fork in the road, will you know which path is righteous, when one sign points down and one sign points up
When faced with a fork in the road, will you know which path has accord, when one points to hell, the other to war?

Indifference would be better for you, pointing your finger at me
There's no point in trying to save us.
Just be gone with your ways

Track Name: Spark
What is this you're feeling?
A warmth emitting from the base of your thoughts, I feel it too
Spark the flame to take us where we want to be
We'll watch the smoke roll over itself, suffocating the trees

The chemicals come rushing in, flooding your process and taking a hold of you at your core
So sit back enjoy the ride, and I'll take my time

Peering through the red, I see your silhouette
And the curves of a back-road don't hold a candle to you
The way you move cripples my cognition

The way you look is changing me

We're about to feel in ways we never have
Our fabric is melting, alongside our inhibitions
Give me one chance and I'll put you through hell
Your pulse is racing, and your legs still hide an ocean

I need no more confirmation

Inside of you I find it captivating
You move and shake in ways I never thought I'd see

You won't find the words to describe how you fee
But I can see it all over your face
Body shaking you're wondering "Can this be real?"
I wish I had the fucking words to describe how I feel

Keep on begging for more and I deliver
I could do this forever

Will this ever come to a close?
I can tell that we are nowhere near the end
We've let ourselves lose every bit of control

Consumed by the moment
Left with no way to think, only to feel